Good quality furniture comes at a price, and it turns out to be the most valued movable possession. When you spend thousands on furniture, it is only wise to follow certain furniture buying guidelines. Furniture maintenance also plays a vital role in extending the life of the expensive furniture like to wax furniture like new, using mild and warm water to clean wooden furniture, wiping dirt with a soft cloth are some of the tips recommended on

Furniture buying guidelines
Measuring the furniture: Find out if the furniture fits your space. It is does not; you need to check if it will enter your doorway and other entryways if it has to cross multiple doors. Also, do not fail to check if it will fit the elevator if you are living in a flat. Make a note of the height, depth, and width of the furniture before finalizing the furniture.

Blending with the room: The new furniture you purchase should blend with the rest of the décor in the room. Today there is software available to give you a visual presentation of how the furniture will look in your room. Choose furniture that works well. Sometimes a color may look great under the showroom lights but may be dull when it is placed in your room. You can ask for color swatch from the salesman to check at home.

Lifestyle priorities: If you have kids and pets at home it is time to choose furniture carefully. The buyer should keep the future in mind while investing in a piece of furniture. Families can grow in size with new additions in the form of children and pets buying furniture that can get stained easily or expensive upholstery like silk can only lead to more spending on maintenance and repair of the furniture.

Never buy in haste: Show no hurry while buying furniture. Just like how you spend months looking for a new property or car, take time to invest in the furniture to match the décor of your household. Impulsive buying does not work when it comes to any purchase. Go furniture hunting and shortlist a few before you finalize on one. Do not forget to test the furniture to avoid disappointment.

Maintenance matters: High-end furniture comes with maintenance woes. The cost of hiring a professional to maintain your furniture could be a burden on the household expenses. Ensure you buy furniture that is easy to maintain. Learn the tricks to clean the furniture without the need to outsource it.

Keep to your budget: This is easier said than done. With interest-free finance schemes on furniture, homeowners are lured into buying furniture over their budget. Buying furniture on EMI or finance scheme means you end up paying 20 to 30% than the original price.

This is not all there is more cost added by the time the furniture reaches your house. The delivery charges are mostly borne by the customer, and sometimes the seller lures you into taking extended warranty. All these only means, you end up paying more than the actual price of the furniture.

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